Three-Legged Dog
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Three-Legged Dog

Three-Legged Dog

Who We Are
Three-Legged Dog is today’s version of the string bands that existed all about the country in the Thirties and Forties, groups that played everything – oldtime mountain music, blues, ballads, devotional and dance music, jazz, pop tunes of the day – on acoustic instruments. The Dog takes to the stage with anywhere from sixteen to twenty instruments including multiple guitars, banjos, mandolins, accordion, bouzouki, harmonica, stand-up and fretless electric bass, Dobro and Hawaiian guitar, cello, and fiddle. In a single set you may hear Civil War-era songs, blues, vintage country, Cajun, calypso, gospel, jazz, swing, and originals that sound like all those. More...

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    Where We Are
    Check our calendar for upcoming gigs, or find us on Facebook.

  • Featured Lyrics
    From "Small Fry", a new tune we're working on by Loesser/Carmichael:
      Small fry, struttin' by the pool room
      Small fry, should be in the school room
      My my, put down that cigarette
      You ain't a grown up high and mighty yet
    Listen Up
    New CD is here!
    We have some tunes recorded on a CD, for sale here and at our live venues. But you can get the MP3 files here free. Liner Notes
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    See us on our YouTube clips and visit our Facebook page and MySpace page.
    Find out more about our very own Jim Sallis on the James Sallis website
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